The Chelsea Project COVID-19 Intervention Manual

A guide for getting things done during a pandemic

COVID-19 Intervention Manual

Chelsea, Massachusetts had one of the highest COVID-19 transmission rates in New England in the summer of 2020. The Chelsea Project was a collaborative effort that included government entities, local nonprofits, and startups that partnered to deploy wastewater analysis, targeted PCR testing and vaccine outreach, and a community-led communications strategy. The strategy helped increase both testing and vaccination rates in Chelsea. As a results of these efforts, by summer 2021, Chelsea had one of the highest vaccination rates among cities with comparable demographics in the U.S. This handbook explains how we identified the key strategies to tackle this complex problem, built a diverse team, and learned from our successes and failures. We applied data, public health and management theories using human centered design to create solutions that were relevant and useful to the people most affected by COVID and persistent inequities in health. The purpose of this handbook is to share what we learned and inspire your innovative complex interventions.

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Thank you to Dan Cortez, Flor Amaya,  and Barry Keppard!


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