Helping Communities Translate Science Into Action

Our unique role

We connect communities, academic researchers, nonprofit organizations, and industry to implement interventions for better outcomes.


Our projects elevate community voices to connect them with researchers and organizations that can address unmet needs.


We draw from diverse subject matter expertise through our academic networks.

Nonprofits & Philanthropists

CCI partners with nonprofits to scale impact and deploy solutions.


We help companies build trust with underserved communities.

FeatureD impact

A community-led project to improve COVID-19 testing and vaccination rates in Chelsea, MA.
An open source database application – for users of all technical skill levels

Mathesar is an open source web application that lets users work directly with data in a Postgres database through an intuitive UI akin to a spreadsheet.

Mathesar is coming soon! We’re working hard on our first (alpha) release.

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Unpacking the complexity of climate change research and policy to identify areas of impact.

Public health

Collaborating with communities to improve health outcomes for all.

Tools & Data

Empowering individuals and communities to solve problems using data.