CCI Winding down

Effective May 12, 2023 CCI will wrap up all of our research projects and start winding down operations over the next few months. The Mathesar open source project, which has been hosted by CCI since 2021, will continue under a new organizational structure.

We are incredibly proud of what CCI has accomplished over the past three years. Our COVID-19 research and the work we led through the Chelsea Project saved lives and developed a model for interdisciplinary collaborations that can be replicated in other contexts. We incubated several projects from infancy that will live on outside of CCI—we are excited to see how they continue to grow from here. 

At the same time, CCI brought together a community of thoughtful, smart, and compassionate people who were united by a common purpose: to solve big, complex problems. We want to express our deep gratitude to our funders, Board members, staff, and the hundreds of members of CCI’s community who contributed to these successes. We know that this community will continue the work that we’ve started together through other avenues.We are preserving all of CCI’s work at and all of our publications at If you are interested in thinking about and solving complex problems, we invite you to take a look and help carry this important work forward.