An open source database application – for users of all technical skill levels

Effective interventions to complex problems are often buried within data. Mathesar simplifies the process of collaboratively maintaining complex data sets and gleaning useful information from them.

  • Unlike a spreadsheet, Mathesar keeps your data structured and clean. It embraces relational data, allowing you to accurately model complex structures through simple relationships.
  • Unlike a database, Mathesar’s intuitive interface lets you get started editing your data quickly and continues to help you evolve the structure of your data as your needs change.
  • Unlike similar spreadsheet-database hybrid tools, Mathesar stores all its data in a PostgreSQL database with exactly the same structure shown to the user, including primary keys, foreign keys, types, and constraints. This approach keeps your data maximally interoperable, and even makes it possible to work with the same data in other tools outside Mathesar.  You can also host your own Mathesar installation too, giving you ownership, privacy, and control of your data.

Potential use cases

Mathesar can be used in any workflow that involves data, so there are thousands of possible use cases.

  • Business processes – inventory management, project management, CRM
  • Prototyping new software projects
  • Publishing data sets and allowing users to explore them freely

Check out a live demo of Mathesar here.


If you’re interested in using Mathesar or collaborating with us, please email or star us on GitHub!

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We’d like to thank Reid Hoffman and The Center for Radical Transformation at the Chiba Institute of Technology for their generous support of the project.