Introducing Mathesar: an open source database interface for everyone

The Center of Complex Interventions is excited to announce the public alpha launch of Mathesar: an open source database tool that lets anyone, of any technical skill level, organize and use data with ease. The Mathesar team is seeking software engineers as well as non-technical users to help test out the tool and offer feedback.

Mathesar makes it easy to organize information in the way that makes sense for you, and to collaborate on that information with others. Use Mathesar to create a customized database to plan events, track goals, manage inventory, or any other project you can think of. You’ll have a ready-made interface for data entry, as well as an intuitive way to build custom reports. 

Mathesar is designed to give users ownership, consistency, and flexibility with their data. Built on Postgres, the world’s most advanced open source database, Mathesar can be used on top of existing databases and integrated with most Postgres tools. By installing Mathesar on your own server you maintain control and privacy over your data, while the web-based interface offers easy collaboration and sharing with teams. With a user-friendly interface similar to a spreadsheet, Mathesar combines intuitive design with customizable functionality 

Check out a live demo of Mathesar here.

The Mathesar team is looking for a broad range of users to try out the tool and offer different perspectives. 

Getting started with Mathesar is easy:

  1. Install Mathesar on your server and access the web interface
  2. Connect to an existing database or build a new one, and start organizing and using your data.
  3. Share your feedback on GitHub or email

The Mathesar team will incorporate alpha testers’ feedback into regular updates to the software as we work towards our stable 1.0 release. Join our mailing list for updates about Mathesar and opportunities to test out further developments.

Interested in trying out Mathesar but not sure how to install it and get started? We’re happy to help! Click here to request a free installation.