COVID-19 Mask Mandates

An analysis of the impact of mask mandates on COVID outcomes.

We extended previous studies on the impact of masks on COVID-19 outcomes by investigating an unprecedented breadth and depth of specifications, and our results demonstrate the policy implications for reinforcing the need to maintain and encourage mask-wearing by the public even after controlling for vaccination.

In this project, we show that mask mandates at the country-level (USA) had a significant positive effect on COVID outcomes (cases, hospitalizations and deaths), and that mask wearing (in 69 countries) similarly has a beneficial effect. This research was just published in the June issue of PLOS ONE, an open-access journal for multidisciplinary research in medicine and the sciences.

Collaborators include Matteo Chinazzi, Samuel P. Fraiberger, Alex Pentland, Kyle Staller, Alessandro Vespignani, and Deepak L. Bhatt.