DataCurator is a tool for building, and sharing our mental models of the world. It aims to facilitate and encourage more precise and systematic recording of all the key elements of these world models: the definitions, state, processes, assumptions, and imagined potential versions of these models in the future, present and past.

The tool should assist with planning complex projects that have high levels of uncertainty by allowing users to record plans, discussions, retrospection and iteration. It also enables users to explore complex scenarios. If users disagree on a shared model of the situation, they are able to use this tool to clearly and precisely define and understand the other party(ies) mental models.

Finally, it may allow for simulations of modelled systems and assist users in assessing a model’s robustness, resilience, and diversity.


CCI Team members Samantha Bates, Kate McCall-Kiley & Peg Nottingham pitched in.