We help academia apply research to real-world problems

There is highly impactful research happening in academia that is difficult to apply in real-world scenarios. CCI provides the bridge between academia and communities to translate that research into action by connecting researchers to key stakeholders and helping implement projects on the ground
We engage with the academic community through collaborations, publications, and open source tools designed to help individuals and institutions make sense of our increasingly complex world.
Rapid Testing Study

We partnered with MIT virologist Irene Bosch and her new company, IDx20 to teach Chelsea residents about COVID rapid tests. A key aspect of the study is collecting test data to help new rapid tests obtain FDA approval which will increase availability of tests for everyone. In spring 2021, IDx20 received an FDA grant to continue this work through the end of 2022. 

MGH Project

CCI is currently collaborating with a team at MGH to study how mobility patterns of Chelsea residents impacted the spread of COVID in Chelsea. As a highly mobile population, we believe Chelsea can serve as a case study that will inform our understanding of the relationship between mobility and disease transmission.

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